Latest Review of Plan

The Action Plan is reviewed 3 times a year.  The latest review is below and the next is due to be completed in May 2015.

Action Plan Review – LONMAY April 2015

What? How? Action so far
To invite members to participate in a rota for reading the Bible passage each Sunday To intimate and provide list for members to indicate their willingness to participate Completed.  Rota of regular volunteers
To explore introducing some of the newer songs into the current service To have one newer song per service, whilst ensuring that the remaining four are well-known and loved older hymns New songs are being introduced gradually.
To explore the possibility of introducing a CD recording for some songs and additional musical instruments in aiding our worship. To use a CD for one song at a service and also to ascertain what skills currently are available, and to explore ways of increasing the use of additional instruments. Not pursued as yet.
To explore the possibility of holding the morning service once a month at The Kirkie at 11.30 a.m. for a six month period To follow on from Sunday School and holding a family service (45 minutes max.) in The Kirkie on the last Sunday of the month, with a view of attracting children and parents to attend church on a more regular basis. Discussed in detail.  Felt unable to pursue as Kirkie Trustees would not permit regular use.  However, we are seeking to increase the number of Family services held each year.
To increase the attendance at Messy Church Publicity – local noticeboards – word of mouth etc. A start has been made and we do get a regular number of children and parents attending.  Space may be a problem in the future.
To enable housebound and sick members to have ‘Home Communion’ To establish the names of those members wishing to receive ‘Home Communion’, and then provide this service. Questionnaire circulated but no-one indicated a wish for ‘home’ communion.
To ensure that all wishing to attend who have transport problems are able to come along Ascertain if there is a need and if so, explore appropriate methods of achieving goal Again members were contacted and all currently requiring transport receive it.
Upkeep of the church and grounds Ensure that invitation is extended to anyone to assist Not pursued yet as weather has not proved suitable!!
To seek to increase the attendance at Guild and Work Party Local publicity – web site – personal recommendation Encouragement to Crimond to come along.  Details on website.
To explore the use of IT social media for people to share news Decide if the principle is correct and if so, the appropriate safeguards etc. for the chosen source Not discussed as yet.
Ensure that the new website is kept up-to-date and used Encourage everyone to visit the website on a regular basis David is now our person and it updating the website on a regular basis.
To explore alternative ways of managing the offering to avoid Elders having to miss a large part of the service. To discuss how this can be achieved and implementing the outcome. Full discussion and new arrangements have been implemented.
To involve the young adults in the Christmas Fayre To invite them to join the Fayre Committee and listen, and where possible, to implement any of their ideas for the event. Completed and very successful.
To explore the possibility of holding a Boys Brigade ‘end of session’ service which would include some prize-giving To discuss with the Boys Brigade Captain and helpers Not completed yet
To explore the commencement of a fortnightly house group To meet in someone’s home fortnightly, commencing with coffee/tea etc. and then an hour working through a Bible series handbook Exploring with Crimond the possibility of commencing this as a joint effort.
Explore the introduction of a book club Have a book spot on the website, and/or have a monthly club where members share a book recently read Not addressed yet.
To use the latest census data to decide if there are any further activities the church should be involved in. To explore, either as a church, or with other local organisations, a response to the findings. Volunteers identified and now ready to move forward
To work with Crimond in respect of the future of both churches To explore options open to both churches Joint meetings held when required.
To explore ways of encouraging greater liaison with Crimond – for example a fun activity or like the current cookery group To discuss with Crimond ideas Recognise that whilst the two churches are different, there are times when we can share together in aspects of service.